Visual Studio Shortcuts

Visual Studio Shortcuts

Here’s a handy listing of the more useful Visual Studio shortcuts.

Ctrl-E, followed by TOpen the Test Explorer.
Ctrl-R, G
Automatically remove unnecessary Using statements.

Find all References.
Ctrl-SpaceShow potential fixes.
Ctrl-Alt-IThe Immediate Window


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  1. PHenry says:

    F12 to go into declaration (for methods or variables) is also very stellar.
    CTRL+- (CTRL then dash) is the way back, if you do F12, F12, F12, then want to follow the breadcrumbs back, use the CTRL+- three times
    CTRL+L to cut the current line, no matter where you in the line, then you can easily CTRL+V (paste) the line
    SHFT+CTRL+L to cut the line but not use it to paste anywhere. Useful if you already HAVE something in the clipboard you want to use and want to delete THIS line now anyways.

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