Month: April 2019

Locating Troublesome Page Elements That Don’t Want To Be Found

Sometimes there’s an item on a page you want to click on or detect. You can see it in the browser’s DOM, but still Watir / WebDriver can’t locate it when you try different ways of finding it.

WebDriver and AWS: Use AWS Parameter Store to Guard Your Secrets.

Here’s a complete Ruby example showing you how to save and retrieve sensitive secrets like passwords in AWS Parameter Store.

Save WebDriver Test Reports or Screenshots To AWS S3

AWS S3 is a handy way to useful way to share files with others. What’s cooler is getting your tests to automatically save files, like test reports or screenshots, to S3 once tests are done running.

Build a Docker Image for Ruby, Watir Webdriver, Shopify API, Chrome, and Firefox

A custom Dockerfile built to run a Ruby Selenium WebDriver test suite. Complete with support for Chrome, Firefox, AWS, Shopify, and BigCommerce.